Who should attend?

The number of clubs in the region is growing exponentially. There is therefore a growing need for collaboration and cooperation among the clubs in order to maintain high standards and mentor the fledgling clubs. This event offers a many advantages to clubs and members. To mention a few.


The forum is a great opportunity for clubs to not only bench mark, but also market themselves to prospective members. After a Nairobi speech fair in 2014, Toastmasters clubs in Kenya reported gaining on average 25% increase in membership inquiries. A similar upsurge was repeated in 2015 and 2016. The 2017 BOTEA intends to replicate and better this trend. It is also a perfect chance for members and clubs to know each other and share experiences.

Non Members:

BOTEA is not solely for members of Toastmasters. The event will also be attended by people from different walks of life from within and without the region. It is a deliberate opportunity granted to non-members to interact and network with members in a long relaxed atmosphere in order for them to grasp the crux of Toastmasters. It also offers opportunities to network with like minded people who are keen on personal growth and self-development. Apart from the speeches by participants and the keynote speakers there will be wining, dining and merriment as clubs jostle in a friendly competition to outdo each other for the coveted prize of the top Toastmasters Club in East Africa. This conference is the ultimate experience you will surely enjoy with East Africa’s most practiced speakers!


Many bantus of East African have a saying that goes that “he is not travelled thinks his mother cooks best”. Toastmasters don’t want to get caught up in such myopia. That is why this annual event has become a great bench marking forum for members. It is an opportunity for members to learn from each other, interrogate each other and evaluate each other. Many “best speakers” in their clubs have left the speech gala with their high ground thoroughly shaken

Club officers

During the process of organizing these sessions the club of officers and indeed other participants learn the art of delegation, planning and execution. During the event the offices get to interact with other club officers where they pick tips and tricks that they can carry to their clubs to improve on member experience. Indeed many officers have reported that the sessions have helped them differentiate between facts and myth of the Toastmasters processes.

Formation of Districts

For a while not there has been talk about the need to form a District to cover the East African region. Acquiring the sixty plus clubs required, though not a mirage, has proved quite a hard nut to crack. This conference is opportunity for the clubs to launch the East African Territorial council, that will foster the growth of Toastmasters clubs in the region in order to accelerate the build-up of the requisite number of clubs required to form a (East Africa) Toastmasters district.